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GIBS Social Foundation

GIBS has come up with a Corporate Social Responsibility Activity by initiating GSF (GIBS Social Foundation), A Societal Mission of Government, Business and Civil Society, which is inspiring people around the World towards providing quality education for underprivileged children and youth.

CSR Practices at GSF sets a realistic agenda of sustainable development approaches for the students to manage their processes to showcase an overall positive impact on the society. CSR initiatives taken by Students at GSF are as follows:

  • SPINE (SPEAK IN ENGLISH):- The students had taken an initiative in helping the NGO children in learning English which will in turn help them in future times.
  • Conducted Community Mental Health and Development Programme
  • Educating people on sanitation, cleanliness & good habits in villages
  • Donations to orphanages
  • Tree plantation in the approach roads
  • The students were involved during the Commonwealth Youth Games to assist with different activities for the smooth conduct of the event.
  • Blood Donation Camps are organized every six months at the Institute.
  • Conducting Awareness program to School children on Traffic signals & Sign board’s rules.
  • As the volunteers of GSF, students collected the old news papers from the society on the door to door basis and converted the newspaper to bags and conducted a plastic free campaign where they distributed the paper bags to the society and given them a brief awareness of how usage of plastic is harmful for the environment.
  • Pay to Work: Many people like to involve themselves voluntarily in CSR activities than writing a cheque. It makes sense for our organization, holding a “pay to work” event that combines fundraising and volunteerism into one great opportunity. By this we ask people to make a donation in return for a position as part of their volunteer day. We say them to do the work with a team which has been assigned to them and ask them to pay reverse salary of Rs.50 & above, each in order to be on the team.
  • Arranging Seminars on World AIDS Day, Environment Day, on Birthdays of National Leaders etc.,;
  • Taking the orphanage children for a movie/outing;
  • Visiting old age homes and arranging some entertainment activities for them;
  • Organizing free medical/blood donation camps;
  • Donating used clothes, shoes, school bags, books to the deserved ones;
  • Free service at Govt Hospitals, where our attention is required by group of service minded people;
  • Arranging dust bins for collecting garbage in villages;
  • Organizing Yoga/physical fitness camps;
  • Visiting nearby Govt. School and educating them and donating them uniforms, textbooks, notebooks and pencils;
  • Fundraising activities & many more…….,

GIBS students will actively take part in all these activities and involve themselves in donation as well. This helps them see the problems being faced by the society and will make them feel how privileged they are when compared to so many underprivileged people. Students will actively take part in fundraising activities as well from different sources.


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