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Career Counselling & Mentoring

Career Counselling
GIBS offers a career counseling service on a weekly basis to help students refine their career goals and then design an action plan to realize them. Career counseling focuses on understanding the student’s professional aspirations and connecting him or her with the most relevant opportunities.

Career guidance desk helps the self-evaluation and promotion of students’ skills, information on academic syllabus and professional possibilities; and also on education inside and outside the university in order to tailor the different professions to the business world’s requests.

GIBS has three Mentoring Rooms where regular sessions will be organized to facilitate student teacher interaction for the overall development of the students. Small groups of 1 to 3 students meet monthly with a mentor throughout the academic year. Mentors serve as advisors and sources of industry.

Mentors are also businesspeople from various sectors who offer support, guidance and invaluable insight on a range of relevant topics. The scheme is open to all GIBS students, and is organized by GIBS administration who make every effort to match each student with a mentor from the relevant field of interest.

Benefits of meeting with a mentor include:

  • Developing your confidence and employability skills;
  • Gaining insight into the graduate labor market and clarifying your career plans;
  • Receiving one-to-one support and guidance on your CV;
  • Having someone from your field or related field help you prepare for interviews.

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