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Learn How GIBS can change your Life?

Increasingly the pursuit of an M.B.A. degree has become a typical part of the path to advancement in management. In a study a top-tier M.B.A. provides a pathway to access and opportunities that otherwise may not be open.

Business schools aid students in the process of understanding and appreciating the contexts in which they will operate. In addition, business schools often help to refine and enhance an individual’s understanding of his or her own leadership potential.

The education you receive at GIBS will empower you with the knowledge, skills, and long-term vision that lead to innovation and growth. And, you’ll build a powerful network of accomplished, inspiring colleagues that will continue to sustain you, long after your final class.

A business education can be a valuable investment in your own future. And, the right learning experience returns value in ways that go well beyond the monetary.

GIBS believes in Learn – Earn – Return cycle which are three phases of life.


A sound education system is the foundation of sustained growth of a country. One of the biggest problems with the education system in India is that it focuses on cramming the textbook information and the best crammers are rewarded by the system. Focus on skill based education is needed. GIBS provides a vibrant environment of interactive and participative learning. Our unique competence lies in our innovative pedagogy. Our pedagogy comprises a balanced mix of studies, presentations, panel discussions, role plays; simulation exercises, industrial visits and games, etc.


GIBS is committed to impart professional education and ethical and sustainable practices. The Business School, supported with state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology, draws upon top-notch students as well as business leaders. GIBS has been constantly striving to provide best quality placements to all the students by the intensive efforts of the members of the placement committee, faculty members, alumni and Director. The centre for corporate relations has developed very strong relations with the tycoons of the corporate world to facilitate the students in getting the real life exposure of the corporate world. The more you learn the more you earn.


It is time to return to the society gained through various ways. Support charity through financial contribution or share the knowledge you’ve garnered from your past mistakes. Social Contribution Activities has expanded to cover such areas as humanitarian aid and disaster relief, conservation of the environment, social welfare, local communities, education and science, and art, culture and sports.