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CSR Activities @ GIBS

GSF (GIBS Social Foundation)

Business schools’ job is to prepare leaders to make workplaces vibrant, financially successful, and driven by values. Because they play critical roles in preparing tomorrow's work force, business schools must take some responsibility for developing students' ability to discover and apply values. There's no longer any question that critical thinking about obligations to society must be as much a part of business success as finance and other traditional skills. It's up to business schools to make new ways of business thinking contagious.

GIBS has come up with a Corporate Social Responsibility Activity by initiating GSF (Global Social Foundation), A Societal Mission of Government, Business and Civil Society, which is inspiring people around the World towards providing quality education for underprivileged children and youth.

Activities under GSF:

  • Donations to orphanages;
  • Arranging Seminars on World AIDS Day, Environment Day, on Birthdays of National Leaders etc.,;
  • Educating people on sanitation, cleanliness & good habits in villages;
  • Tree plantation in the approach roads;
  • Taking the orphanage children for a movie/outing;
  • Visiting old age homes and arranging some entertainment activities for them;
  • Organizing free medical/blood donation camps;
  • Donating used clothes, shoes, school bags, books to the deserved ones;
  • Free service at Govt Hospitals, where our attention is required by group of service minded people;
  • Arranging dust bins for collecting garbage in villages;
  • Organizing Yoga/physical fitness camps;
  • Visiting nearby Govt. School and educating them and donating them uniforms, textbooks, notebooks and pencils;
  • Fundraising activities
  • and many more…….,

GIBS students will actively take part in all these activities and involve themselves in donation as well. This helps them see the problems being faced by society and will make them feel how privileged they are when compared to so many underprivileged people. Students will actively take part in fundraising activities as well from different sources.

Our Sponsors:

As a supporter of a new development agenda to establish a more sustainable and better world, Global Social Foundation (GSF) gives an opportunity for sponsors to associate with us to make a life-long impact in the sustainable development; it’s a transformative power to bring people together.

To become a Sponsor Contact: 080 26488989 Email:

Volunteers :

Here at GIBS Social Foundation, we connect communities that want to improve their lives and their environment with passionate people from around the world who want to take positive action. In order to take initiative as volunteers to make changes throughout the area, we are continuously accepting volunteers who are motivated and inspired to achieve goals similar to ours at GSF.

To Become a Volunteer contact: 080 26488989 Email: