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Facilities @ GIBS

Mentoring Programme

Small groups of 1 to 3 students meet monthly with a mentor throughout the academic year. Mentors serve as advisors and sources of industry information, discuss business projects, and help establish contacts in the business community. Often, students discuss their career goals with mentors who offer advice and assistance.

Student Counseling and Advisory Services

Student Counseling means one who imparts advises to another; Counseling Services include psychological, mental or emotional, Education and Career counseling. Counseling and advisory services will guide and assist students throughout their study at the institute, providing appropriate assistance at each stage of the student's development, growth or progress.

Career Guidance Desk

Career guidance desk helps the self-evaluation and promotion of students’ skills, information on academic syllabus and professional possibilities; and also on education inside and outside the university in order to tailor the different professions to the business world’s requests.

Safety and security measures

GIBS use a variety of practices and procedures intended to promote the safety of students and staff. Certain practices, such as locked or monitored doors or gates, are intended to limit or control access to school campuses, while others, such as metal detectors, security cameras (CCTV), and limiting access to social networking websites, are intended to monitor or restrict students' and visitors' behavior on campus.

Common Room with facilities of indoor games

There are separate Common Rooms for boys and girls with adequate toilet facilities and indoor games like table tennis, carom, chess etc.


A dedicated transportation facility has been arranged in the campus for the students who would like to visit the campus as well as for the students who would like to go out for the course requirements or any sickness.

Petty Shop

There is a small petty shop in the campus which serves the basic necessities of the community.

Wifi Enabled

The whole 5-acre campus of GIBS is connected through Wi-Fi network for round-the-clock seamless connectivity. GIBS also has an Internet Café where students can browse internet.

Parking Lot

There is Parking lot available in the campus for Students, Staff & Visitors. Students can park their vehicles in this area without any security issues.


  • Academic Block
    • Dance Class
    • Yoga Class
    • Auditorium
    • Conference Room
    • Internet Café
    • Mentoring Session Cabins (3)
    • Student Syndicate Rooms
    • Library & Digital Library
    • Seminar Hall
    • AC Classrooms
    • Indoor Gaming Area
      • Chess
      • Carrom Board
      • Table Tenis
  • Swimming Pool
  • Amphi Theatre
  • Playground
    • Cricket
    • Volleyball
    • Badminton Court
  • Speaker Corner 1
  • Speaker Corner 2
  • Villa Style Hostel
  • Wifi Enabled Campus
  • Pond
  • Temple
  • Gym
  • Pool Side Cafeteria
  • Jogging Track
  • Recreational Park
  • Petty Shop
  • Waiting Lounge
  • Terrace Café
  • Morning Prayer ground
  • Laundry house