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In today’s business world, one single company can work in several languages, places and time zones simultaneously, so an international perspective and international exposure are vital in modern business education.

International Professors @ GIBS
In our effort to provide quality education, GIBS has brought together an experience rich and culturally varied faculty. They are not just renowned academicians but accomplished scholars with experience from various industries, thereby bringing a unique practical approach to learning.

International Students @ GIBS
Over the years, many international students, including students from Nepal, China, Bangladesh, have Chosen GIBS College, earning a quality education, while experiencing the rich culture found in the heartland of the India.

Six Sigma Program
Six Sigma is a business statistical strategy, which is use to identifying defects and removing them from the process of products to improve quality. A defect is defined as any process output that does not meet customer specifications. Statistical measure to objectively evaluate processes and the history of Six Sigma is, it was founded in 1970s, by Mr. Bill Smith, “Father of Six Sigma”.

Six Sigma Definitions: It is a management philosophy focused on business process improvements to:

  • Eliminate waste, rework, and mistakes
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase profitability and competitiveness

International Exchange Program
With a view to prepare our students for International Platform and to give them Foreign Exposure so as to provide them opportunity to immerse themselves in other cultures and to expand their horizons, the Institute is having tie ups with leading foreign universities:


  • Nottingham University, UK
  • Singapore University, Singapore
  • RMIT University, Australia
  • University of Malaya, Malaysia
  • University of Applied Sciences, Lubeck, Germany
  • University of Central Florida, USA

During their visit at the universities, student get exposure and training in cross cultural management. Each participating student is awarded a certificate for Ten days workshop to complement their profile.

International Assignments

Objective of providing International Assignments @ GIBS

  1. To identify the objectives and priorities of the international assignment
  2. To understand the concept of culture and its impact on day-to day living and business
  3. To identify personal value sets and communication style
  4. To understand key intercultural competency skills necessary for successful expatriation
  5. To learn about culture-specific business and daily living practices
  6. To understand the cultural adjustment cycle and healthy approaches to manage it.
  7. To increase productivity
  8. To improve quality
  9. To help a company fulfill its future personnel needs