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International Faculties

GIBS takes initiatives to invite and host well-known international Faculties from around the world to teach its students. The Office of International Affairs is committed to supporting a diverse community of Faculties scholars who make a difference in their fields, inspire in the classroom and serve as leaders in intellectual communities.

  1. Prof. Bergstresser Daniel M.B.A. (Ph.D)
  2. Dr. Sandra Carver Ph.D, MBA
  3. Prof. Robert Cha B.Tech., MBA
  4. Dr. Graddy Kathryn Ph.D. PGDM (FIN.),
  5. Prof. Jefferson Gary PGDBA (Marketing), PGDMC
  6. Dr. David Clune Ph. D., MBA,
  7. Prof. Rodney Smith MBA(Fin & Information Sys)
  8. Dr. Zimmerman Grace E. Ph.D., PGDM (Human Resource Management)
  9. Prof. Jennifer Bannick Bsc, Engineering
  10. Prof. Matthew Aaker Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, M.phil
  11. Jeremy Bloom B.Tech, MBA
  12. Nicholas Beiker PGDM

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