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As part of the curriculum, each student takes up live projects with a company for a period of 8-10 weeks, after the completion of the first year. The summer internship is the perfect opportunity for students to apply the theoretical concepts learnt within the classrooms. It is an occasion for prospective managers to explore varied career opportunities in the areas of their interest. They get a better grasp of the important inter-linkages among different functions and develop a realistic managerial perspective on corporate workings.

The internship also has an academic component: student interns prepare a report on the assignment and present it to the organization. They are also required to share their learning with the Institute before they register for the second year. The requirement of making a formal presentation about the project to the company and to the Institute ensures that sufficient rigour and discipline are brought in to this exercise.

It is quite remarkable that GIBS, has seen its budding Managers fare exceptionally well during the internship & bagged pre placement offers from many organisations spreading his wings in the industry through its strong relationship with various Corporates the students got to do their internships under the mentorship of eminent leaders at like , TIMKEN , ITC, Nestle, Autumn Worldwide,24 Mantra Organic, Innoserve Techno sol Pvt Ltd , Mahindra, JW Marriott, Mentes Capital, Cadila- Pharmaceuticals, Swiss Arabian perfume industries, (SAPG), Stepping stone, Dalmia Cement, Parent lane, Ceaser Software, Life Cell International & Brand Factory to name a few.


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