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Student Speak

This is a place where I enjoy education. The faculty here are a part of the industry who gives me a lot of exposure and know how about the real Industry scenario which is much beyond books. Learning + Fun is a rare combination that I get at GIBS Business School, and that is why I love GIBS.
- Bharti Kushwaha – Chattishgarh

“I took admission in GIBS after a lot of research. GIBS have wonderful facilities as well as a positive campus environment. The college provides consistent assistance regarding the academics as well as placements. Also, it has made the best efforts to provide all the facilities for students like cultural events, sports etc. I’m looking forward to the corporate world interaction it has on offer in the near future. I can proudly say that I ended up making the right decision”
-Kreeteeka Srivastava

“Describing my journey at GIBS can be summarised in just one word which is ‘evolve’. Yes, evolving to meet the demands of the corporate world, evolving from an immature college graduate to a mature to-be hired applicant. The journey till date has been phenomenal with teachers being the biggest support system and in no measuring unit can I state how privileged I am to be a part of this institution and being under the guidance of such intellectualities. The journey has just started and there is still long way to go before I sleep but considering how it has been until now, undoubtedly so much more is yet to come and I am definitely looking forward to it.”
- Kalyani Upadhyay

“Taking admission in GIBS is like paying for an exclusive stay on a world class resort. Surrounded with greenery and campus with great infrastructure, it feels no less than studying in an International College.  The campus simply feels awesome! Friendly faculty members and programmes like "Campus2Corporate" and "Subject matter expertise" help us to relate our subjects to the corporate world outside. It’s a great place to study with an amazing campus crowd.”
-Reshab Tanty

“When I received the admission letter from GIBS, I was really at cloud 9. GIBS offers a blend of learning and delight to its students. The faculty members here are very supportive and kind to us. Studying in GIBS feels like I’m studying in a small India, as they have students from all parts of the country. The infrastructure of the college is excellent as it is nature filled. I’m really having beautiful memories at GIBS and I will always cherish them. Thank you GIBS for providing me such a wonderful opportunity.”
-Akhil G Nair

GIBS (  Global Institute Of business Studies) is an amazing college where the students get enormous knowledge and skills to learn and experience in their practical life's. It has a world class campus designed in the laps of nature with best faculty and personalized attention to enhance each and every student to their full Potential. As a student of this glorious college I feel proud on myself for opting this institution over all other colleges, which is welcoming me to the life of a future manager with wide open arms and happiness. My mentor and all the faculty has helped me a lot to brush up my personality and grab all the opportunities of the upcoming future  …

I had a great time at Global Institute of Business Studies. I highly respect all the professors in the college because they are very knowledgeable and treated me like their family. At every step I have been fortunate to interact with some very different and motivated set of minds be it my own batch mates, professors, other guests and professionals. I have gained knowledge and confidence which has brought a new dimension into my life to achieve a successful career.
- Charme Y

The opportunities and experience I have got at my college have been unparalleled. It has excellent infrastructure facilities; library and systematic process which helps one grow both professionally and personally. It was the variety of programs and flexibility that attracted me the most, but in retrospect it was the real time experiences that I feel has provided me the most value. I want to thank all my lecturers because they gave me knowledge and practical guidance in my life
- Prakruti Sharma

Thanks to GIBS, The only place in India where Education is not Business. Talent is nurtured by the Great Professors, who had devoted their lives to Corporate and now in a Self-actualization mode to help Young India. My experience with GIBS was extremely wonderful, especially in the HR and marketing area. Practical examples and cases, which were discussed in the class, are helping me a lot to prepare myself to the corporate.
- Nithish Kumar P C

My experience at GIBS Business School was very much of a mixture of fun and learning. GIBS provide a great platform for students to showcase themselves and improve their skills and capabilities. Extra activities along with the curriculum help in growing and building up professionalism in every work we do. The clubs and committees have given me a vast exposure in different academic and non-academic domains. A diversified culture here has also helped me to learn new things and explore myself. I heartily thank GIBS for making me a better person- professionally and personally that I am today.
-Anmol Vijay Chhogani

It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I am completing my post-graduation from GIBS Business School The relationship between faculties and student is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. The time I spent here were splendid and has helped me to grow better professionally & personally. I would like to thank all the faculties and staff for making me a “Better Person”
Minal Sanjay Gawande

There’s never a better time to start planning for the future than right now. Finding the right college was the first step toward achieving a lifetime of success, and is as simple as pressing go and hence GIBS College ignited to be the best platform for the same. The curriculum provided bridges the gap between what we are now and what the corporate actually aspire the candidates to be and thereby trains its students for the same. The activities held at GIBS also gives us a hands on experience to enhance our leadership, communication, organizing skills as a whole and thereby outrages in the best talent and potential in us. GIBS have a very friendly culture and a pleasing environment instealed. GIBS also works towards providing students with the best of packages and companies for making the future of the students a brighter one. The best thing about the institute is its faculties; they are industrially experienced faculties that give you lots of practical exposure and inputs to grow in your career. Live projects are being initiated by the college which gives us the insights about the practical corporates set up in real time GIBS has the best of infrastructural set-up with different type of activities be it indoor or  outdoor activities in order to relieve  the students from its stressful life
- Cassandra Soccorina Fernandes

GIBS Business school is not only a management college it’s a place where student likes to showcase their talent and develops self confidence. Faculties in GIBS B School are very wonderful and cooperative. GIBS B School has supported me in my sports (Skating) to perform at international level and national level as I have represented India in Singapore in 2017 and going to participate in Dubai on Dec 2019. GIBS B School gives chance to sports players to play on National and International level. Training and placement department continuously provides assistance regarding placement. GIBS B School have made best effort to provide all the student engagement programs for the students like clubs, committees, events, sports etc. The days spent in GIBS B School are the golden days of my life and will be cherished for rest of my life.
Sarthak Bhaskar Mangaonkar


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