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GIBS is closely monitoring the situation and is ensuring that students learn continually and seamlessly through virtual classes and through constant industry exchange programs through Webinars, certification programs, assignments, virtual internships etc. The students are been constantly guided by the placements team for internships and are also been addressed on the preparation for final placements.

The college is still inviting applications from the aspirants for the upcoming new batch. If you have any queries you can speak to us, do get in touch with us. We are committed to support and help you in this crucial time.

Precautions taken by GIBS Business School, Bangalore to safeguard Students from COVID-19 :

  • 1
    Entire campus will be sanitized daily with high quality sodium for disinfecting surfaces and with ethyl alcohol for disinfection of small items. All trash removed daily and safely.
  • 2
    Sanitizers at gates of the Institute and outside all offices and classrooms are made available.
  • 3
    Thermal Scanning is done at the Institute Gate for all entering the Institute premises.
  • 4
    Anyone with fever or symptoms of respiratory infections (coughing, sneezing etc.) will not allowed in the Institute premises.
  • 5
    Conferences – Seminars will be in online mode till the situations get normal.
  • 6
    Social distancing followed everywhere. All students in the classroom, Library, Computer Lab and student canteen/mess are made to sit at a distance of two yards. Same to be followed in the hostel.
  • 7
    All washrooms are fitted with liquid antibacterial hand wash.
  • 8
    Mask is provided for all the students.
  • 9
    Only nutritious and immunity boosting food to be made available for the students.
  • 10
    Counselling is made on a need basis for the students to handle the stress faced by COVID – 19, if any.