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The experience and abilities of our faculties consolidate to do noteworthy research create teaching excellence. The outcome is a subject-centred, learner-centred, and problem-centred curriculum design that broaden the depth of business knowledge.

Research is at the core of GIBS and provides a significant interface with the more extensive academic and business world. Faculty, students, and industry experts work side by side with associates at colleges and organizations around the globe to create the strategies of tomorrow.


Roles & Responsibilities of the Placement Cell:
  • A comparative study of employee welfare practices followed by Canara bank and Axis bank, International Journal of Management and business studies vol 22, n.5, pp.254 259, ISSN 1028 2573.
  • Creativity and innovation techniques through effective groups in an organization, International. Journal of Management and social science, Vol. 19, n.5, pp. 268 271, ISSN 0065 2169.
  • Knowledge Management and Inventive HRM An article published in Strategic management: Emerging economies perspective a research journal from the Oxford College of Business Management, Bangalore, ISBN 978-93-5142-199-3, October 25th 2013, and Pp. 100-106.
  • Role of personal change, change management and intervention strategies of change management in developing a learning organization in Recent trend in business, management & tourism, a research journal from The Adarsh Group of Institutions, Bangalore, Vol 1, ISBN 978-163041692 on April 30th 2014, and Pp. 271.
  • Enhancing creativity and innovation through virtual teams in an organization: A global perspective, Prathibodh 2017, SVIT Bangalore.
  • Strategies to overcome barriers in work-life balance of employees in MNCs in Emerging trends in Human resource management a research journal from The Indian academy school of management studies in association with NHRD, Bangalore, Vol 1, ISBN 978-81-920859-4-4 on April 25th & 26th 2014, and Pp. 38.
  • A Human resource strategies and knowledge management practices perspective for the improvement in higher education in Higher education transformation in India: Changing contexts & Institutional responses a research journal from The Indian academy school of management studies sponsored by IQAC, Bangalore, Vol 1, ISBN 978-81-920859-9-9 on April 28th & 29th 2014, and Pp. 188.
  • The Effects of Social Media Trends in India on Advertising at Kongu College of Engineering, Tamil Nadu.


Pursuing Ph.D in Marketing {Completed the course work and working on research thesis}. Publications/Articles / Papers Presented:
  • ISSN: 2348-4373, International Journal of Management Review, On the topic “Talent Management is King – Now and in Future”
  • Journal of National Conference on Application of Modern Management Thoughts, on the topic “Trends in CRM”
  • Presented a paper titled “Trends in CRM”, on 5th March 2014 in Hindustan College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore.


Pursuing a Ph.D in Marketing, Completed Course and Synopsis Approved. Now in the final stage of Thesis Submission. Publications / Papers /Articles Presented:
  • “A study on various strategies for brand protection” in Indian Academy Journal for Management, March 2019.
  • “The need for strategic focus on Informal Sector in B-School Curriculum” in OORJA Journal of Management and IT. Volume - 16 / Number-2, August - December 2018, ISSN – 0974-7869, ISSN (Online) - 2395-6771.
  • “Supply Chain Management: Opportunities and Challenges” in Advances in Management Journal, Vol 11(4), December 2018.
  • “Mobile apps usage vis-à-vis shopping habits and preferences” in Advances in Management Journal, Vol 11(2), June 2018.
  • “An Analytical Study on Shopping Habits and Preferences With Respect to Mobile Apps “in Shanax International Journal of Management, Vol 5, Special Issue 1, ISSN 2321-4642, UGC Approval No. 44278, April 2018.
  • “A Study on Usage of Mobile Applications and its Impact on Behavioural Attitude of Smart Phone Users in Bangalore in MTC Global Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship, ISSN: 2231-3710, March 2018.
  • The effects of Social Media Trends in India on Advertising” at Kuvempu University, Shivamogha on 25th Apr. 2015.
  • “An Intellectual Capital Perspective of HR Strategies and Practices with reference to Knowledge Management” at Sri Ganesh School of Biz Management in February 2014.
  • “The Impact of Behavioural Finance on Stock Market” in International Conference on Strategic Management: Emerging Economies’ Perspective, ISBN: 978-93-5142-199-3, October 2013.
  • Impact of Information Technology on Management Education” in OORJA Journal of Management and IT. Volume - 9 / Number-1, January - April 2011, ISSN – 0974- 7869.
  • "Communication Challenges in an Organization Countered with Modern Technology” in National Level Journal by PMC Tech College, Hosur, Tamilnadu.


National Journals:
  • Topic: A Study on the Effectiveness of In-store Promotion in Apparel Retail store, Bangalore City- ISSN 2395-2091(online) ISSN-2395-2083(Print).
  • International Journal of Commerce, Management and Computer Application. Vol II, Issue 1, January- February 2016.
  • Topic: A Study on Clearance Sales at Identity, Bangalore City Impact factor: 4.532. International Journal of Commerce and Management Research. Volume No-IV Issue- 3 Oct-Dec 2016.
  • Volume 1 Issue 2 ISSN 2347-8403. Aditya Institute of Management and Research Mumbai. June-November 2014-Mumbai.
  • Topic: Effectiveness Of Training And Development and its Impact on Employee Job Productivity: A Study With reference to Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. Bangalore Impact factor-5.76 Online:ISSN 22492585Print: ISSN 2249-8672.
  • International Journal of Exclusive Management Research
International Journals:
  • Topic: HR Practices and its Innovation for creating competitive Advantage: A Strategic PerspectiveISSN 2320 – 2939 (Print) ISSN 2320-2793 (online) Let your Research be Global search– An Ultimate search of Truth- Reforms through Research Vol- 7. No. 7 Jul 2014.
  • Topic: An Empirical Study on Brand Awareness and its Impact on Customer Satisfaction with Special Reference to Apollo Paints Bengaluru Management ISSN 2320 – 2939 (Print) ISSN 2320-2793 (online) Let your Research be Global search– Intellects International Journal of Research in Management. 9th Jan 2015-Bangalore.
Text Book Published:
  • Editorial board for the book New India Blending best Business Practices New Horizon College of Engg- Bangalore edition 2017 and also published a paper on “ Green Marketing”
  • Acknowledged in the book “Retail Management” second edition by author Dr Chetan Bajaj published by Oxford University Press, New Delhi.
  • Marketing Management”,1st Sem VTU, Thakur Publication Bangalore. Edition 2017.
  • Sales Management 4th Sem VTU Thakur Publication Bangalore edition 2016.


Pursuing PhD in Finance {completed the course work and working on research thesis}. Publications /Articles / Papers Presented:

  • “A Comparative Study On Quality Of Interim Reports Of Select Automobile and Pharmaceutical Companies”; International Journal of Management, IT & Engineering; Volume 9, Issue 6, June 2019; ISSN-2249-0558; Impact Factor: 7.119. UGC Approved.
  • ‘Customer Perception on the utilization of ATM Services: An Empirical Study In Mysore City’. International Conference of Global Management. Bon Secours College for Women, Tamil Nadu, held on 13th Feb 2015.
  • ‘Implications of Food Security Measures- An empirical Study in Mysore district’. International Conference of Global Management. Bon Secours College for Women, Tamil Nadu, held on 13th Feb 2015.
  • ‘Traffic Management and business Prospects- an Empirical Study in the central business district (CBD) in Mysore City’. International Conference of Global Management.
  • Bon Secours College for Women, Tamil Nadu, held on 13th Feb 2015.


Training and Development, HR Analytics, Soft Skills and Personality Development Publications /Articles / Papers Presented:

  • Presented paper on Human Resource Outsourcing in India at International Journal of Applied Management & Business Utility, Vol2, Issue2, on January 2014 at Sree Sastha Institute of Engineering and Technology, Chennai. ISSN No: 2347-8608.
  • Presented paper on a comparative study of strategies used in tourism marketing in India and China in International Journal of Functional Management, Vol2, Issue 2, on April 2014 at SSM Educational and Research Foundation, Salem. ISSN No: 2319- 1406.

Roles & Responsibilities of the Placement Cell:

  • Case Study – Industrial Relations - Human Capital (Magazine) – March /2008
  • Accident Insurance – A Necessity - ICFAI University Press(Magazine) - March /2008
  • Retrenchment of Workmen in Industries – Reflections - HRM Review -ICFAI University Press (Magazine) - February / 2008
  • Women And Domestic Violence Act- Social Welfare (Government of India) Magazine - December /2007
  • Performance Appraisal System in Kinetic Honda Motor company Ltd - Business Manager Magazine Alwar - March /2018
  • Coverage of Employee Under Employees’ State Insurance Scheme and Mediclaim Policy - ICFAI University Press (Magazine) - November 2007
  • A Review of Workmen’s Compensation Act and Employees State Insurance Scheme - FOCUS – The International Journal of Management Digest (Journal) - October /2008 Peer Review Journal
  • Legal Management System - ICFAI Journal of Systems Management - Vol. V No. 4, November / 2007
  • Labor Standards and the Workmen’s Compensation Act: A study of Indian Law and Cases - ICFAI Journal of Employment Law (ICFAI University Press) (Journal) – January / 2009 Vol. VII, No. 1, 2009 Peer Review Journal
  • Recruitment: Past and Present - Campus to Corporate – A Road Map Edited Book featured my article. Edited book edited by R.J. Devi, ICFAI University Press - First Edition 2008 Article No. 2 Peer Review Journal
  • Growing Demands for Personnel Manager- Indian Express - Indian Express
  • Who Owns the Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) - A Million Dollar Question Shiva Shivani Institute of Management journal author with a co-author - Journal of Shiv Sivani Institute of Management, Hyderabad – Peer Review Journal


  • “Benchmarking of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Best Practices”
  • Participated and Exhibited Machining Centres at IMTEX 1989,1994, International Exhibitions visited: Dusseldorf – Germany – INTERPACK -1996. Osaka – Japan – JIMTOF - 1990. Milano – Italy – EMO -1987.


  • Working on the impact of online shopping on consumer behaviour in rural region at Tamil Nadu funded by Tamil Nadu Organics and Millet Corporation.
  • Presented a paper titled “A study on work engagement in relation to leadership at public sector undertaking” on 15th February 2019 in T. John Institute of Management and Science, Bangalore.