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At GIBS, we focus on providing training that is in line with the industry requirements to ensure that organizations hire students who are ready to take on a job with confidence and the right skills.


Mentorship is an essential aspect of our ecosystem to support and assist students in learning skills beyond the scope of their course structure. To help students with minimal or no work experience, we conduct various activities that allow students to understand the functioning of the business ecosystem. Moreover, our students are required to work for a period of 8 – 10 weeks for their summer internship. This work experience provides them with much-needed industry exposure.

We are also launching an incubation center where students can participate in clubs like entrepreneurship cell, creative hub, Corporate Social responsibility, etc.

At GIBS, our students are well prepared that they can start working on the day they arrive. All in all, we provide corporates with more than managers and executives, we provide professionals who have a robust value system, are willing to align to the organization’s values and can be an asset to any organization.

Placement Process - On-Campus Recruitment


A company interested in participating in the final placement process must register with the Placement Cell. The company must indicate their preferred dates for the pre-placement talks and final interview at the time of the registration.

GIBS will then assign and confirm the campus interview dates for the registered companies.

Pre Placement talks:

A pre-placement talk provides companies with an opportunity to increase their visibility on campus. The company also gets a chance to interact with prospective employees, as well as throw light on various aspects of the profiles being offered by them.

Post a Job

Posting a job is a critical component to generating awareness of your firm on campus. Often, a posting will drive attendance to other on-campus branding initiatives, such as info-sessions and networking opportunities.

Contact Placement Department

Mr. Kasturi Venkata Rama Rao

Mobile Number: 8050 3000 60
Email ID:

Make an appointment

Partner with Us:

GIBS Placement Cell / CGC is committed to working with your recruiting team to meet your specific hiring requirements. Our Placement Executive will take the time to ask thoughtful and consultative questions to assess your talent needs and understand your ideal candidate profile.

Our goal is to provide simple, tailored solutions that work for your organization through all stages of the recruiting cycle, and to provide back-end support for seamless and efficient execution.


Your on-campus brand is the perception of your company that the student body develops as a result of the attraction, engagement and retention initiatives targeted at new graduates. One of the most effective methods for creating interest is to develop and maintain a visible presence on campus.

An employer with numerous contact points with students has a distinct advantage over companies that do not have strong ties with the institution. GIBS Placement cell / CGC helps link students and employers in a meaningful way.


For corporate partners that post positions through the GIBS Placement cell / CGC, the option exists to interview candidates at our convenient facilities on-campus.

The process is simple. Submit your list of shortlisted candidates to GIBS Placement cell / CGC prior to 7 business dates. This helps students manage their schedules and ensures the most successful interview day possible.

Allotment of slots:

A company will be given one slot of 8 hours on a particular day. The allocation of the day and slot shall be done based on various criteria.

Search Resumes

The GIBS resume database is designed to help you identify students who fit your ideal candidate profile. The results of a resume database search can help you target specific candidates and build your applicant pool.

You can customize your resume search based on students career interests, functional experience, language ability, geography-of-preference, work authorization, and more.